Bella narrating the opening line, by Edna St. Vincent Millay

The movie opens at the Black house, whereJacob Black storms out, phases and runs toward the forest. His father,Billy, tries to stop him to no avail. After Jacob is gone, Billy picks up a note on the ground and realizes it is an invitation to Bella Swan and Edward Cullen‘s wedding.Charlie SwanRenée, and Phil Dwyer receive invitations as well.

At the Cullen house, Bella is trying on her bridal shoes at Alice Cullen‘s insistence while the rest of the Cullens are setting up the scenery. Back at home, Bella packs up all of her stuff and reminisces about Jacob’sdreamcatcher, which is still hanging on her bed. Edward appears and tells her about the time when he went off on his own and fed on humanswho were almost as monstrous as he thought he was before finally returning to Carlisle and Esme.

Bella talks him out of thinking of himself that way. Just then, Emmett Cullen and Jasper Hale arrive and demand that Edward follow them to his bachelor party. Bella goes to bed and dreams about the Volturi and all of her human friends and family being dead, with Edward and herself stained with blood.

The next day, Alice and Rosalie Hale prepare Bella for the wedding while Renée and Charlie give her an old silver hair clip with sapphires, which had belonged to Bella’s grandmother.

Bella grows increasingly nervous as she walks down the aisle, until she sees Edward and all of her worries disappear instantaneously. The wedding is a success and Bella and Edward are married.

During the reception, Bella is greeted by the Denali coven, but Irinabecomes upset with the Cullens for inviting one of the wolves, Seth Clearwater, since they killed her lover, Laurent. Jacob arrives and dances with Bella, but he gets angry when Bella tells him that she and Edward plan on making love while she is still human, which he foresees as dangerous. The other wolves arrive to stop him before he can make the situation worse.

Edward takes Bella to Isle Esme, a present to Esme from Carlisle, for their honeymoon. That night, they consummate their marriage. The next morning, Edward is distraught because he has involuntarily hurt Bella, though she disagrees.

They spend the next week exploring the islands and enjoying their honeymoon without making love, but Bella continues to attempt persuading him. One night, she has a dream and wants it to be real so badly that she pleads with Edward and he gives in.

Back in La Push, Jacob is resentful of Edward and expects Bella to be dead by the time they return, and is anticipating the moment when he kills him.

Bella realizes that she is pregnant when she sees her unused tampons and feels something move inside her stomach. Edward takes her back to Forks for Carlisle to remove the baby. Unwilling to give up the baby, she calls Rosalie for help.

Two weeks later, Jacob visits the Cullens and finds Bella pregnant at an unnatural rate. Despite everyone else’s warnings, Bella is determined to give birth and Rosalie is on her side. When the packhear about this, Sam Uley decides to kill Bella to prevent the baby from becoming a threat to the locals.

Jacob, however, disagrees and embraces his rightful power as Alphato separate himself from the pack. It doesn’t take long before Seth and Leah Clearwater join him. Since the Cullens have been warned, Sam decides to surround the area and wait for the opportunity to strike. The Cullens hide in their house for the time being as they starve.

Bella’s condition worsens throughout the days as her body rejects any kind of food. Eventually, Jacob makes a comment that inspires Edward to let Bella try drinking human blood to satisfy the baby. She begins to feel better immediately.

When Edward hears the baby’s thoughts for the first time and learns that it has goodness and loves her parents, his hatred for the baby disappears immediately. Jacob helps Esme, Carlisle, and Emmett escape to hunt by distracting Embry CallPaul LahoteQuil Ateara V, and Jared Cameron. However, they are discovered by the two remaining wolves, Brady Fuller and Collin Littlesea.

Back at the house, Bella tells Jacob the names that she has settled for the baby: “Edward Jacob” — shortened E.J. — if it is a boy, and “Renesmee” — derived from Renée and Esme — if it is a girl. Shortly after telling them the names, the baby’s placenta detaches and Bella goes through an incredibly painful labor, with her spine and several bones being broken by the baby’s struggle. Rosalie tries to get the baby out, but loses control when she tries to open Bella’s womb. Edward proceeds with the surgery and acknowledges that the baby is a girl, calling her “Renesmee”. Bella’s heart stops beating after the birth, and Edward injects his venom into her system and fights to save her. The venom begins to take effect, but Edward doesn’t notice it.

Jacob, broken by loss, cries in the backyard while Paul eavesdrops on them. The pack, feeling driven to the edge by Jacob’s betrayal, decides to make their move on the Cullens after being informed of Bella’s death and confirming the baby’s threat. Meanwhile, Jacob goes back inside to kill the baby, who is now in Rosalie’s care; but the moment he looks into her eyes, he imprints on her and all of his previous attachments become severed.The pack arrives and a fight erupts between the Cullens and the pack. Leah, Seth, Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle arrive just in time to neutralize their approach. When Sam readies to strike again, Jacob leaps in between and tells them that he has imprinted on Renesmee, which has made her untouchable to the other wolves. Because of this, the wolves are forced to make permanent peace with the Cullens.

In the following days, Bella’s transformation continues as her body heals itself. The movie ends with everyone standing warily still as Bella opens her eyes, which are now blood-red as a newborn vampire.

In a post-credits scene, the Volturi are informed of Bella and Edward’s wedding and Bella’s transformation into a vampire. The new secretary, Bianca, is killed by Demetri and Felix for spelling Carlisle’s name without an ‘s’. “First it’s the spelling, then the grammar,” Aro claims. Marcus states that he, Aro, and Caius have no further business with the Cullens. However, Aro disagrees, saying they still have something he wants.

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